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Focus Session Track Chair

Luca Catarinucci

University of Salento, Italy

Luca Catarinucci is Associate Professor in Electromagnetic Fields at the Department of Innovation Engineering - Univesity of Salento, Lecce, Italy, where he teaches “Microwaves” and “Electromagnetic Solutions for Hi-Tech”. Besides various activities in the classical areas of Electromagnetics, in 2005 Catarinucci begun a new research tread referred to Radiofrequency Identification Systems (RFID), dealing with reader and tag antenna design, realization of microwave circuits for the integration of UHF RFID Systems with sensor networks, design of automatic platforms for the over-the-air performance evaluation of RFID tags, prototyping of fully passive RFID tags provided with computational and sensing capabilities, study of new antennas for handheld RFID readers, 3D-printing in Electromagnetics and in RFID, flexible tags, and introduction of Doppler-based RFID-inspired backscattering modulation.

Catarinucci authored more than 150 scientific works of which 69 international journals, 4 chapters of books with international diffusion and more than 80 proceedings of international conferences. Moreover, he holds 2 National Patents about RFID technology.

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