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Focus Session 5

Boyi Hu

University of Florida, USA
Presenter Bio

Boyi Hu serves as an assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Florida since 2018 Fall. He received his Ph.D. degree from West Virginia University majoring in Ergonomics in 2016 and worked as post-doc research fellow at Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health 2016-2018. His research interests are Wearable Electronics, Biomechanics, Multi-sensory Fusion and Human Motion Analysis. He is an associate editor of IEEE Transaction on Human Machine Systems.

Abstract: Human-Robot Collaboration for Manufacturing/Remanufacturing Process
The scarcity of resources, environmental regulations, and the potential profitability of salvaging operations have motivated manufacturers to consider end-of-use product recovery and remanufacturing. However, the US remanufacturing industry is dealing with many challenges, such as the labor-intensive nature of disassembly, small lot sizes, and the unknown quality and condition of incoming products to recycling facilities. Disassembly is an integral part of many remanufacturing operations such as reuse, repair, maintenance, and recycling. Today, disassembly is still a predominantly labor-intensive process that requires direct contact with many elements that are potentially harmful to human health. This project will advance research to explore effective human-robot collaboration (HRC) in the remanufacturing industry to reduce remanufacturing costs and improve operators’ safety while considering the highly complex unstructured nature of remanufacturing. The research will advance the fundamental study of the way humans and robots distribute tasks, cooperate, and interact in a safe and complementary manner. Improving workers’ quality of life, higher volumes of recycling, higher employment rates, less dependency on other countries for certain materials, and increased stock of domestically harvested rare earth elements are among expected benefits.

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