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Track 6: Energy Harvesting and Storage, Uncategorized

Chunyi Zhi

City University of Hong Kong
Presenter Bio

Chunyi ZHI obtained Ph.D. degree in condensed matter physics from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After two years’ postdoc in National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan, he was promoted to be ICYS researcher, researcher (faculty) and senior researcher (permanent position) in NIMS. Dr. Zhi is now a professor in MSE, CityU. Dr. Zhi has extensive experiences in flexible energy storage, aqueous electrolyte batteries and zinc ion batteries. He has published more than 300 papers with an h-index of 85 and other-citation of 23000 (ISI). He has been granted more than 80 patents. Dr. Zhi is Clarivate Analytics Global highly cited researcher (2019, 2020, Materials Science), RSC fellow and member of The Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences.

Abstract: Flexible Battery: Power Solution for Flexible Electronics
Our research focuses on development of flexible energy storage/conversion devices, including supercapacitors, batteries and metal air batteries. Wearable electronic textiles that store capacitive energy are a next frontier in personalized electronics. We demonstrate a new electrolyte comprising polyacrylic acid dual cross-linked by hydrogen bonding and vinyl hybrid silica nanoparticles (VSNPs-PAA) that addresses all the superior functions and provide an ultimate solution to the intrinsic self-healability and high stretchability of a supercapacitor. Supercapacitors with VSNPs-PAA as the electrolyte are self-healed, achieving an excellent healing efficiency of ~100% even after 20 cycles of breaking/healing. By a designed facile electrode fabrication procedure, they are stretched up to 600% strain with performance enhanced. In addition, we have successfully fabricated an extremely safe, wearable and rechargeable solid-state aqueous electrolyte based battery with a new hierarchical polymer electrolyte (HPE). The HPE works as both an efficient ionic conductor and a highly effective separator, providing high flexibility, high ionic conductivity as well as the excellent safety performance for the battery. This solid state ZIB exhibits a high energy density (14.6 mWh cm−3 normalized to the volume of the whole device), a high specific capacity of 280 mAh g-1 and high capacity retention of 97% after 1000 cycles. Moreover, this battery exhibits high flexibility and greatly enhanced safety performance.

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