Ieee Mb White


Invited Speaker, Track 7: Hybrid Systems on Foil

Feng Qin

Tianma, China
Presenter Bio
Abstract: TFT Foundry MPG for Display and Sensor Development – Design, Prototype material, Equipment
With the fast growth of demand for IOT and smart sensors, traditional silicon foundries show disadvantages in research cost and mass production. Multi-Project-Glass (MPG) utilizing mature TFT display Foundry capacity would be able to provide a cost-effective route to support research and development. Several different designs can be combined into one mask set to reduce prototype cost for each project. Furthermore, verifications of new materials and new equipment in production line are also available. So far, the MPG project has made progress in photoelectric, tactile, pressure, fingerprint, ion sensors, microfluidics chips and other fields with many universities, enterprises and other partners.

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